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short hair, don’t care =)

07.05.12 ♥ 2
Omgahh, one more week ‘til I ship out to boot camp! (Taken with Instagram)

Omgahh, one more week ‘til I ship out to boot camp! (Taken with Instagram)

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Woahh, I just realized I only have a month left ‘til boot camp.. Yikes! (Taken with Instagram)

Woahh, I just realized I only have a month left ‘til boot camp.. Yikes! (Taken with Instagram)

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I can’t believe it.  (Taken with instagram)

I can’t believe it. (Taken with instagram)

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DEP PT numero 1023839842

I expected today’s PT to be normal and uneventful, but a Search and Rescue Airman (Spec Ops :o) came by to talk to us Future Sailors. I kinda disregarded his presence at first when he was just hanging out and talking to the recruiters.. until I found out that not only was he going to lead our PT session, but he was also the RCPO when he was a DEPer at our station. I started to get nervous, because I had a feeling he was going to question us on what we know so far. And that’s exactly what happened after the run. Only was the one he grilled and basically chewed out, cause I guess he figured out that I’m the RCPO right now. I was so annoyed when he put me on the spot, but now I appreciate it since I knew he was just telling me to step it up and know everything before boot camp because it’ll be worse there. Overall, it was a productive day (even though I didn’t feel like running) and I realized that today will probably be my second last DEP PT, which just occured to me now. Time is seriously going by so quickly that I can barely keep track. I’m exhausted with thinking about my future and what I need to do before graduation. I just hope everything goes well and according to plan. Fingers crossed. Good luck to me.

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May 4, 2011


Today started as a normal and boring day for me, nothing exciting at school and blah blah blah. But when I got home, Anne called and told me she finally went to the Armed Forces Career Center.. Asked me if I wanted to go so I took the bus by myself (for the first time ever -__-“) and I waited outside for her for an hour cause she was taking the pre test and I was too shy to go inside.. Then when she finally finished, I went inside, talked to the recruiter and I also took the pre test on which i BSed the math part and actually passed with a 41. =) Glad I went (thanks to my oh so wonderful and confident cousin) because now, I’m 90% sure on what I want to do with my life and future.. Considering I didn’t know what the hell I wanted to be a year ago, I’ve made huge progress. Can I just say that I am content?

wow, i can’t believe it’s been a year.

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Future Sailors and Recruiters of NRS San Leandro

Future Sailors and Recruiters of NRS San Leandro

DEP PT 20120418

omgahh, i am so exhausted from PT today that i can barely keep my eyes open,  buuuut i had to go on tumblr :D and i haven’t made a personal post in while soo here i am.. when i came into the office today, i met our new recruiter, SH2 Collins. i’m pretty sure i heard the station’s relieved sigh as i saluted in, because we’ve been in need of a new recruiter ever since NC1 Boswell left. all was well today for PT, considering almost every Future Sailor was there and we were all together for the 1 and a half mile sprint/walk. we stayed for awhile after PT just chatting and getting to know everyone at the station. although i was the only female there, it was quite nice because the guys were friendly and social. i’m glad that the DEP is there for me to actually have something to look forward to besides getting out of school. i just can’t wait for june to pass by..

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astoldbyteejay replied to your post: astoldbyteejay replied to your post:…

Thanks love. && Yes if only, if only. & wow you’ll be waiting a total of 11 months. Woooow. & I thought I had it bad. That’s a bit much. What’re your rate?

It’s actually a year, because I enlisted on June 24 and I leave on July 10.. haha. It’s really not that bad considering I still need to graduate high school and I’m learning as much as I can. I will be a Logistics Specialist (if I don’t change it). How about you?

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4 more months until I go to boot camp..

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Sweat is fat crying. (DEP PT)

My DEP buddy, Denise and I went to the office early today so she can get her papers straightened out because she’s leaving next month. I’m pretty bummed out since I’ll be the only female at our station after February because two other girls are shipping out a few days after Denise. Oh, and I made RCPO :D Which is pretty awesome, because I’m now the leader. I was reluctant at first, me being all shy and a little antisocial.. haha. But I guess this will help me come out of my shell. Hopefully. Well, PT sucked as always since I was the slowest runner. UT1 Webb ran with me and gave me advice on breathing right and told me to just keep practicing. She also mentioned that I made RCPO because I was the smartest at our station (not that I’m showing it off or anything [;) and it motivated me to just do my best and not be lazy when it comes to working out. And now that UT1 is in charge of our station, she’s pushing us to get to know each other more. So us Future Sailors decided to hang out at Sky High next Saturday and have fun. Chief Gregorio was at the station today and we got to chat with him and he told us some pretty crazy stories during the past 21 years of his Navy career. And I guess it’s true that Sailors like to drink. A lot. He even mentioned that Sailors are more hardheaded than any of the other branches.. You tell them not to do this, and they won’t listen and still do it. Chief said that Japan and Singapore are the best places to go to because the people are very nice. His stories made me just want to go to boot camp and start traveling already. Well, I only have 174 days left to go! I got this.

01.18.12 ♥ 25

Today, Denise and I went to San Francisco for Fleet Week! We were trying to look for the ships, but ended up seeing the Navy, Marines, & Army booth. When we got to the Navy booth, I recognized the Recruiters from MEPS, so we talked to them and eventually ended up helping them promote the Navy and handed out lanyards and shirts. After a few hours, we got hungry and the recruiters treated us to lunch (it surprised me how very courteous and friendly they were). Denise and I left shortly after handing out more freebies, since the recruiters were leaving as well. And then we finally watched the Blue Angels and went home. Today was very exhausting, but it’s probably one of the most memorable and best times I’ve had =]

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